Frequently Asked Questions & Aftercare


How long does the procedure take?

Most procedures take about 2, 3, 5 hours. I never want to speed up this process because the final result is extremely important to me as well as my clients. First of all, I want to make sure that we create the perfect shape before pigmentation, i.e. the pre-drawing. It may take about 30 minutes. The pigmentation time lasts about 90 minutes, depending on the skin type.

How safe is the procedure?

Safety is extremely important to me. Necessity is cleanliness and a sterile environment during permanent makeup. It protects my customers, myself and it provides safe working conditions. That is why strict hygiene and sterilization guidelines are followed, and disposable needles are used for each client.

Is the procedure painful?

We will take all precautions to reduce discomfort, the area is numbed until you feel comfortable.

We have different levels of pain tolerance, so some of us may find it more painful than others.

However the final result will make uou forget anout any pain or discomfort.

How quick will permanent makeup heal?

Permanent makeup will heal in around 4 weeks. Immediately after the procedure, a small swelling may occur, but it should decrease within a few hours to 2-3 days. After the procedure you will have to follow the post-treatment care, because it will have a huge impact on the final result of healing. It is natural that scabs will come off during healing or there may be a slight peeling. The complete process of healing of the epidermis lasts about 4 weeks (28 days), and the pigment stabilization in the skin even up to 6 weeks.


Failure to comply with the post-treatment guidelines may result in a worse effect after healing, which is not subject to complaint or refund, so it is highly recommended to follow the guidelines. It is strictly your responsibility to adhere to the guidelines.

Please remember that colour right after the treatment will be much darker. Around 2 weeks after the procedure it will become lighter. The true colour will settle 4 weeks after the pigmentation.

Make sure you follow these strict instructions for up to 14 days after the procedure.

  1. Use warm water to wet cotton pads. Squeeze the excess of the water and clean the pigmented area twice a day by dabbing through it.
  2. Apply a pea size of aftercare cream or hydragel using cotton bud. Before applying a fresh layer of the aftercare, remember to follow step 1

*This is morning and evening routine. Remember, you must have clean, freshly washed hands before contact with the pigmented area

  • Do not use sun bed for minimum 4 weeks after pigmentation
  • No botox or filler for minimum 3 weeks after treatment
  • You must not pick, rub nor scratch the pigmented area as it may lead to scarring or infection. It will also make the final results patchy and uneven.
  • You must not apply makeup directly to the pigmented area until it heals (eye pencils, mascaras, lip glosses, etc.)
  • You must not apply eyelash or eyebrows conditioners until area is fully healed
  • In order to minimize swelling, apply cooling compress
  • Avoiding hot drinks, spicy food for 5 days after lips pigmentation
  • Smoking is not recommended for 24 hours after lip pigmentation
  • Prohibition of consuming alcohol and/or stimulants for 48h after pigmentation
  • Prohibition of wearing contact lenses for 7 days after lash enhancement treatment
  • You must not wash directly pigmented area until is fully healed
  • You must not use swimming pool, sauna, sun bed, cosmetics that exfoliate the epidermis for 4 weeks after the treatment
  • No eyelash extension until pigmentation if fully healed


To avoid pigment fade for as long as possible, avoid excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays and use a good sunscreen with an SPF50.  

If you are planning an MRI scan, chemical peel or any other similar procedures, please inform your practitioner that you have had permanent cosmetics.

You should not be eligible to give blood for 6 months after your procedure, please inform the National Blood Service of your procedure and date if you want to give blood.

If you are planning injections such as Botox and Collagen remember it can alter the shape of your eyebrows.

Laser hair removal can fade and change the shade of your brow procedures, always advice the laser technician you are wearing permanent makeup and they can act accordingly.